We’re a Technology Company. We’re EVET

Evet strives to create an environment that fosters exceptional and diverse creators to work together in building exceptional products, while experiencing an unforgettable journey.

We work on a lot of ideas, while creating an exciting environment and opportunities for exceptionally intelligent and hardworking people. We work and collaborate together to produce the best results, and take pride in our dedication.


The name “EVET” is the Turkish word for “YES”. As the company’s name, it symbolizes embracing new and challenging ideas, while maintaining a "let’s figure this out" attitude.

EVET was founded in 2019 by its U.S. based founder and CEO, whose mission is to put together a group of energetic and extraordinary people with big ideas, while maintaining the drive to produce the best results possible. The company also aims to increase the reach of start-up companies by paving a path for them to get their products onto the global market.

The company operates in both the MIAMI area and Istanbul, Turkey

One office is located in Miami, where the marketing and biz-dev members reside. The engineering and product development team, which is made of some of the best engineering minds, is located in Istanbul, Turkey.