Drive More Sales
and Extend your
Reach by Partnering with Content Creators.

Introduce your brand and expand your reach to global publishers who are eager to promote your products and services.

Evet Network can help you Partner with Global Affiliates including Content Creators, Bloggers, Influencers, Great Story Tellers, Coupon and Deal Websites, Cashback Loyalty Programs and more.


The Affiliate Network
that puts Compliance First.

Evet Network was founded on the ideas of Compliance and Innovation.

Our Compliance-first affiliate network approach comes purely from the first product we developed - Evet Guard is a Leading Paid Search Monitoring and Compliance application, which is used by hundreds of Marketers today.

Compliance is Key to Our Success. Evet Network is the First Affiliate Marketing Network integrated with it's own Monitoring & Compliance tool.

Why Brands Work with

Evet's Affiliate Network?


Selective Screening Process

Publishers must apply to join Evet's Affiliate Network and go through a strict review process by a dedicated compliance team before they are allowed to join the network. We screen Affiliates thoroughly and work with only high-quality content websites.

Ensuring Brand Protection & Compliance

Automated Traffic Quality Monitoring System

Custom monitoring technology built that uses machine learning, automation, and data expertise to detect any suspicious affiliate activities.

Upon generation of a click, the path taken during the transaction, publisher event & transaction history, the conversion rate, the amount, location, device type etc. are all used in our algorithm that gives a quality score to each sales generated by our publishers.

Evet Guard Search Ads Monitoring

The application is activated to monitor the search space to block any unauthorized trademark and brand bidding.


Our Expertise for Affiliate Marketing Services

The Evet Network was created by Affiliate Marketing Pioneers who understand the needs of constant innovation in this area.

Going Global: Connect your Brand
with Global Story Tellers

Evet Affiliate Network has a large global reach with publishers worldwide. The Network can help establish key strategic relationships with content creators worldwide.


Exclusive Ad Campaign Opportunities

Our Affiliate Management Team can help you recruit and retain some of the top content publishers in the industry.