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Why Your Business Needs a Paid Search Affiliate Monitoring Solution?

Running a good affiliate program for your company requires that you remain in charge and aware of every action that your affiliates take.

Therefore, you need an automated monitoring product that gives you full access to all your PPC Affiliates’ actions. Branded keyword terms that aren’t monitored or protected are vulnerable to unauthorized trademark bidders.

What are the dangers of unauthorized trademark bidders bidding on your branded keyword terms?
I’m Feeling LuckyHow We Can Help You

Our Compliance Tool can help you monitor trademark violations and identify unauthorized PPC search affiliate partners immediately so you can take action right away.

Better control of your branded keyword terms so only your authorized PPC Search Affiliates have access to them.
Lower risk of losing your affiliate program’s budget to the unauthorized trademark bidders.
Improvement of your daily productivity as an affiliate program manager, with automated monitoring of your space.
Positive reflection of your affiliate program to other departments in your organization.
Guaranteed control of your PPC Affiliates so you can avoid conflict with the Search Marketing Department in your organization 
Unauthorized PPC Search Affiliates take thousands of dollars from your affiliate program, hence undermining your marketing efforts.
How It Works
Ideally, working with some of your exclusive PPC Affiliates can be highly beneficial to your business as they can easily help you grow your affiliate program.

That said, unauthorized PPC Affiliates can just as easily damage the overall health of your affiliate program growth plans.

Our easy-to-use automated search monitoring tool can help you manage your affiliate program efficiently in 3 easy steps.

List your Trademark Terms

We are very experienced in the search and affiliate space and can easily put together the full trademark keyword list to be monitored and also automate monitoring the search space for your convenience.

Monitoring and Collecting Data

Our system is thorough, gathering data in various cities, time-zones and from different devices.

We constantly monitor the search space for you, freeing up time for you to focus on growing your program strategies.

Reporting and Notifications

When we discover that you’re inadvertently paying commissions to unauthorized trademark bidders or they’re trying to steal commission away from your program, we’ll alert you immediately.