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Monitor who is bidding on your brand and protect your Ad dollars from bid inflation. Recover traffic from competitors. Ensure Affiliates & Partners bid on approved keywords.

Monitoring Paid Search Ads on five search engines

Monitor Branded Keywords in Paid Search


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Start Monitoring your Search Space and Stop Trademark Infringements with our Paid Search Tool

We find infringing ads with our PPC tool and help you take them down in just a few clicks.

What are the dangers of Unauthorized trademark biddersbidding on your branded keyword terms?

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  • Decrease in your CTR (click-through-rate)for your in-house search Ads.

  • A lower Ad position on your branded keyword terms.

  • Increase in your CPC (cost-per-click) on branded keyword terms.

  • Loss of traffic, i.e. Impression shares drop for your in-house search Ad.

  • Misrepresentation of your brand messaging via Unauthorized and inaccurate Ad copies.

  • Reduction of your company's Affiliate program budget when your branded keyword terms are obtained without an Authorized PPC campaign.


Our Compliance Tool can help you monitor trademark violations and identify Unauthorized PPC search Affiliate partners immediately so you can take action right away.

Better control of your branded keyword terms so only your Authorized PPC Search Affiliates have access to them.

Lower risk of losing your affiliate program’s budget to the unauthorized trademark bidders.

Improvement of your daily productivity as an affiliate program manager, with automated monitoring of branded keyword terms.

Positive reflection of your affiliate program to other departments in your organization.

Guaranteed control of your PPC Affiliates so you can avoid conflict with the Search Marketing Department in your organization.

Unauthorized PPC Search Affiliates take thousands of dollars from your affiliate program, hence undermining your marketing efforts.


Automated Paid Search Monitoring

Monitor, Analyze, and Investigate the initial search compliance results, all in one place.

Total PPC

Full View of All PPC Ads Results

Evet makes comprehensive search data accessible for all teams.

All PPC Report

Full Ad Details

Access Incomparable Insights of Each PPC Ad

Details Report

Ad Content Accuracy Report

Review Ad Headlines, Descriptions, and URLs, all in one place. Find out if any of your affiliates and partners use inaccurate Ad Copies in order to get higher click-throughs (such as invalid coupon or sale offer)

Accuracy Report
Accuracy Report